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“Monica Harding’s Inspiring Journey: Overcoming Syngap Challenges with Her Family”

“Meet Monica Harding, a devoted mom of three, whose life took an unexpected turn when her youngest son was diagnosed with Syngap. In this exclusive interview, Monica opens up about the struggles and triumphs her family has faced, and how she has become an extraordinary advocate for her son’s condition. Discover her incredible story and learn more about Syngap through the documentary. Don’t miss this heartfelt conversation with one of the most inspiring moms out there.

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The DeafBlind Potter Show” invites you to witness a captivating blend of creativity and resilience, airing every Monday at 4pm PT. Host Kelvin expertly crafts pottery pieces on the wheel while engaging in profound conversations with guests who have triumphed over life’s challenges. Through personal stories of overcoming adversity and tales of organizations making a difference, the show inspires audiences to confront their own obstacles with courage and determination, emphasizing the journey of living beyond the challenges. Join us on a transformative journey of empowerment as we celebrate resilience and the power of human connection

DeafBlind Potter Show is live at 5pm MT every Monday 

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did you see that coming? Blind Mom of 4 .

Meet Hannah, a blind mom of four kids. She didn’t see her blindness coming until 2020. But hey, she’s not one to let life get her down. Hannah’s got humor in abundance, which led her to start a Tikok hannel called “Blind and Board. We all know being a stay-at-home mom is a full-time job, but throw blindness into the mix, and you’ve got a whole new level of challenges. In this interview, you’ll see her working through her vision loss, still laughing and cracking jokes along the way. Trust me, her blind humor had me laughing right along with her.

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In this insightful interview, Julia Becker, a dedicated mother of three, shares her experiences of raising a child with Down syndrome while ensuring her other children receive the support and attention they need. With her eldest child requiring significant care, Julia discusses the impact this has had on her two other children and the challenges of maintaining balance within the family. Through her candid and heartfelt account, Julia sheds light on the complexities of parenting in such circumstances and the importance of nurturing strong sibling relationships in a household where one child has a disability.

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Could a DeafBlind Person Be a Bee Keeper? Let’s Ask a Bee Keeper

In this interview, I sit down with Adam Martin, a passionate beekeeper who runs a homestead. Together, we explore the fascinating world of beekeeping and discuss the possibility of me, a deafblind person, becoming a beekeeper. Join us as we delve into the challenges and rewards of beekeeping, and discover how this age-old practice can be adapted to different abilities.

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Website: (Newsletter, BK Bee Club, Classes, Store, Blog)

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Instagram Acct: @beeingkept

Adam is an instructor for the School of Traditional Skills and this is our Affiliate Link:

6 Steps to Natural Beekeeping:


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7 Kin Homestead opening the eyes of the DeafBlind Potter to homestead

Have you ever considered the possibility of a DeafBlind individual embracing homesteading? After chatting with Jason, I’m seriously pondering this as a viable option for me. Jason’s perspective on homesteading is unique; he sees it as a lifestyle that can be tailored to fit the specific needs of individuals and their families. This really struck a chord with me. I was particularly intrigued by his insights on completing cycles within the homestead. Take a look at what he has to say—it’s definitely worth considering.

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Clay and Community: A Homesteading Journey with Mona Weathers

mbark on a heartfelt voyage through the homesteading landscape with Mona Weathers, a beacon of wisdom, laughter, and resilience. Join us for “Harvesting Dreams: A Homesteading Journey with Mona Weathers,” where Mona, a seasoned homesteading coach, shares her wealth of knowledge and experiences, illuminating the path to self-sufficiency and fulfillmen Mona’s info: Homesteading for Beginners checklist:

Podcast: Homesteading for Beginners


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Stacy Lewis Unplugged: Living Off the Land

Embark on a journey with Stacy Lewest as she shares her inspiring tale on “The Deafblind Potter Show.” Growing up amidst the rustic charm of a family farm, Stacy’s heart was always drawn to the simple life. Yet, after venturing into the bustling city, she and her husband realized their yearning for a return to the tranquility they cherished. In this captivating interview, Stacy unveils the trials and triumphs of homesteading, offering profound insights into the challenges of building a sustainable lifestyle from scratch. Join us as we unravel Stacy’s extraordinary narrative and delve into the joys and struggles of homesteading on the frontier of self-sufficiency.

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From Challenge to Triumph: A Mother’s Story with Amy Julia Becker

Join me for an enlightening interview with Amy Julia Becker, a devoted mother who has transformed challenges into opportunities for her daughter and others with disabilities. Amy, whose daughter has Down syndrome, shares her inspiring journey of discovering the beauty in overcoming obstacles. In this interview, Amy reveals how she empowers her daughter and advocates for solutions to help individuals like her daughter thrive. Prepare to be inspired as Amy sheds light on the transformative power of embracing weaknesses and turning them into strengths. Amy’s Social Contacts Instagram:






“Joy in Clay: Racheal Norse’s Pottery Journey”

Welcome to “The DeafBlind Potter Show,” where we accompany Racheal Norse, a remarkable potter who transcends boundaries with her pottery wheel. Join us on this unique journey as we delve into the world of clay, exploring its tactile beauty and the profound lessons it holds for all of us. Through intimate conversations, Racheal shares her insights on how clay reflects life’s challenges and the grace that shapes our journey. Tune in as we celebrate artistry, resilience, and the indomitable spirit of Racheal Norse, the DeafBlind Potter.

Behind the curten of DeafBlind Potter with Natalie and Michaela Harding

The two ladies who saw that Kelvin could inspire the world. Tell their side of the story. As well about their experience living with a brother who lives with SenGap.

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From the Mountain Top: Craig James’ Journey to Finding Purpose and Faith

Join us tonight for a profound and inspiring live stream as we delve into the life-changing journey of Craig James, the visionary behind Justin Form Talk. Despite attending a private school, Craig struggled to grasp the essence of Christ and his purpose until a pivotal moment atop a mountain altered the trajectory of his life forever. Through highs and lows, Craig discovered God’s plan for him, realizing the importance of drawing closer to Him during challenging seasons. Tune in to hear Craig’s compelling story of perseverance, faith, and divine intervention. For a deeper dive, don’t miss out on the full narrative on the Perseverance Podcast. Listen to Craig whole story.


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Being Hit By a Car 3 Times as a Blind Person Kelvin Set Out to Solved this Problem

The See Me Cane is a revolutionary invention designed by Kelvin Crosby, who, after being hit by a car three times upon first becoming legally blind, recognized a critical safety issue facing the visually impaired community. Shockingly, this experience is not uncommon, as statistics reveal that one out of every three blind individuals faces similar dangers. In response to this pressing need, Kelvin developed the See Me Cane, equipped with innovative features to enhance visibility and safety for users. This groundbreaking cane not only aids in mobility but also significantly increases the wearer’s visibility, thereby reducing the risk of accidents and improving overall independence and confidence for the visually impaired.

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“From Grief to Grace: Karen Griffen’s Unveiling Journey” Through Abortion

In today’s show, we delve into the captivating story of Karen Griffen, a resilient woman whose life took an unexpected turn during her college years. Faced with an unplanned pregnancy and grappling with a choice she wasn’t fully educated about, Caren found herself ensnared in grief that lingered, haunting her heart. As a devoted Christian, she felt compelled to keep this burden hidden, vowing to take it to her grave and shielding it from the world, even her husband. Little did she know, God had a different plan for her. Join us as we explore the emotional journey of Caren, the pain of a choice made before truly knowing God, and the transformative power of divine grace that worked through her struggles. Listen in to discover how she navigated through the shadows of secrecy and emerged into the light of God’s redemptive love. We have many resources to address each individual. We host seasonal weekend retreats where we spend the weekend together in a small group going over how to heal and what the journey is like. We have books, videos, and classes as well. All of this is at no cost.

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Services for working through the grieving process of an abortion for the abortion recovery is

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Josh Herzog Presents: Visionary Clay – A DeafBlind Potter’s School Dream Unveiled

Step into the world of tactile creativity and aspirations as Josh Herzog presents the awe-inspiring tale of a DeafBlind potter’s quest to establish a school. Premiering on March 4th, this stirring short film documentary has already enraptured over 40,000 viewers worldwide. Through heartfelt conversations and captivating imagery, Herzog delves deep into the potter’s journey, illuminating the intricacies of his dream and the profound impact it has on both him and his community. As the narrative unfolds, it becomes clear that this documentary is more than just a story—it’s a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the boundless possibilities that arise when passion and determination collide. Join us as we witness the birth of a dream and the transformative power of art, communication, and relentless ambition. Link to the short documentary film

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Instagram – Josh Herzog (@josherzog) • Instagram photos and videos

Website –

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“Navigating Life’s Challenges: A Journey with SynGAP – An Interview with Aaron Harding”

Join us today as we delve into the inspiring story of Aaron Harding, who, along with his family, has embarked on an unforeseen journey after discovering that his son has SynGAP. SynGAP is a rare genetic disorder that presents unique challenges for families. Despite the unexpected twists and turns, Aaron and his family have found strength and resilience in the face of adversity. Tune in to learn how they have navigated through the ups and downs, and how their support team has played a crucial role in helping them live beyond their challenges. This interview promises to be both enlightening and heartwarming, offering insights into the power of love, determination, and community support.

Divine Visionary: Brian Martin’s Miraculous Device for Life-Altering Brain Surgeries

When God calls for a life-saving creation, arguing isn’t an option. Brian Martin heeded the call, turning a vision from a drive into a groundbreaking device that’s saving lives. Join us to hear Brian’s incredible story – a journey of faith, innovation, and making a real impact. Don’t miss this chance to be inspired – tune in and witness the power of answering a higher calling.

Gale’s Story on the DeafBlind Potter Show —Executive Director of Pregnancy Center in Greeley Co

Welcome to our podcast episode featuring Gale Holmes, the Executive Director at the Greeley Colorado Resource Center. In this insightful conversation, Gale opens up about her personal struggle with the fear of pregnancy and the challenges she faced. Join us as she shares her journey of overcoming these fears and the invaluable resources she discovered along the way. Gain inspiration and practical insights into handling pregnancy-related concerns, while discovering the vital support available at the Greeley Colorado Resource Center. Whether you’re facing similar fears or simply seeking a meaningful discussion on navigating pregnancy, this podcast offers a compassionate and informative perspective from someone who has been there. Tune in for a conversation that empowers and connects individuals on their unique pregnancy journeys.


The Resource Center

Nathan Davis story and how he is touching lives of those with challenges

Nathan Davis, a devoted father of four daughters, has been a constant source of support during my darkest times. As the pastor of his church, he now dedicates himself to helping people with disabilities, providing much-needed respite for their families and caregivers. Nathan’s compassion and selflessness make him a true beacon of hope in our community.

AJ Richards Story and Why He Built the Company From The Farm

Meet AJ Richards, the CEO of From The Farm. Knowing who provides your food is life-changing for people like you and me. In times of crisis, such as the onset of COVID, a strong connection with local farmers and ranchers can be lifesaving. Come and learn how you can navigate challenges by building a relationship with your farmer and rancher.

Instagram @a.j_richards

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