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The DeafBlind Potter Show” invites you to witness a captivating blend of creativity and resilience, airing every Monday at 4pm PT. Host Kelvin expertly crafts pottery pieces on the wheel while engaging in profound conversations with guests who have triumphed over life’s challenges. Through personal stories of overcoming adversity and tales of organizations making a difference, the show inspires audiences to confront their own obstacles with courage and determination, emphasizing the journey of living beyond the challenges. Join us on a transformative journey of empowerment as we celebrate resilience and the power of human connection

DeafBlind Potter Show is live at 5pm MT every Monday 

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Karen Giffen

Title: “From Grief to Grace: Caren Giffen’s Unveiling Journey” In today’s show, we delve into the captivating story of Caren Giffen, a resilient woman whose life took an unexpected turn during her college years. Faced with an unplanned pregnancy and grappling with a choice she wasn’t fully educated about, Caren found herself ensnared in grief that lingered, haunting her heart. As a devoted Christian, she felt compelled to keep this burden hidden, vowing to take it to her grave and shielding it from the world, even her husband. Little did she know, God had a different plan for her. Join us as we explore the emotional journey of Caren, the pain of a choice made before truly knowing God, and the transformative power of divine grace that worked through her struggles. Listen in to discover how she navigated through the shadows of secrecy and emerged into the light of God’s redemptive love.

Gail Holme

Welcome to our podcast episode featuring Gale Holmes, the Executive Director at the Greeley Colorado Resource Center. In this insightful conversation, Gale opens up about her personal struggle with the fear of pregnancy and the challenges she faced. Join us as she shares her journey of overcoming these fears and the invaluable resources she discovered along the way. Gain inspiration and practical insights into handling pregnancy-related concerns, while discovering the vital support available at the Greeley Colorado Resource Center. Whether you’re facing similar fears or simply seeking a meaningful discussion on navigating pregnancy, this podcast offers a compassionate and informative perspective from someone who has been there. Tune in for a conversation that empowers and connects individuals on their unique pregnancy journeys.

AJ Richards Story and Why He Built the Company From The Farm

Meet AJ Richards, the CEO of From The Farm. Knowing who provides your food is life-changing for people like you and me. In times of crisis, such as the onset of COVID, a strong connection with local farmers and ranchers can be lifesaving. Come and learn how you can navigate challenges by building a relationship with your farmer and rancher.

Lea Faulkner – From Pain to Healing: A Journey of Hope and Support  

Join us on today’s show as we navigate the deeply emotional and transformative journey of Lea Faulkner, a courageous woman who endured the pain of a forced abortion. In a candid and heartfelt interview, Lea shares her personal story of loss and healing, discussing the powerful movie she has produced—a raw and authentic portrayal of her experiences and those of a close friend who also faced the heart-wrenching reality of losing a child. Our conversation extends to the Greeley Resource Center program, shedding light on the essential support it provides to mothers navigating the complexities of grief after abortion. Through Lea’s story and insights into the invaluable resources available, today’s episode aims to foster understanding, empathy, and resilience in the face of profound sorrow.

“Tackling Depression with Kelvin & Chaplain Paul | Real Talk and Resilience”

“Join me, Kelvin, and my mentor, Chaplain Paul, as we open up about overcoming tough times and dealing with depression. We’ll share my personal stories, discuss self-assessment for depression, and highlight the importance of having a mentor. Let’s tackle these challenges together and find strength in our conversation about resilience and support.”

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Kevin Kirchen

Kevin Kirchen’s life was marked by a turbulent journey fueled by addiction to drugs, sex, and alcohol. Abandoned by his mother and losing his father at 12, he sought solace in a Faustian bargain for fame, money, and women. His relentless pursuit led him down a dark path of self-destruction, showcasing the consequences of making deals with the devil in the pursuit of worldly pleasures.

Liza Joe interview on the Deaft Blind Potter Show

Liza Joe tells her story about how she struggled with visual impairments and lost her hope to keep moving forward in her seeing career. Listen to learn more about how she lived beyond her challenege

DeafBlind Potter Struggle with  Sucided

I talk about my journey of the pain  that lead to me to  attempt sucided when i was 8 years old and again when i was 19 years old. But I am here to tell you you can live throuhg this challenge.

Kaci Marsh

Life threw challenges with Kaci, but God gave her strength. She battled cancer and faced the loss of a baby, yet Kaci persevered. Come hear how she lives beyond the challenges and finds joy in them 

Angela Ulloa

Angela, a former child abduction survivor and U.S. Army veteran, overcame adversity and chronic pain to co-create the See Me Cane, a testament to her resilience and determination.

Lea Faulkner—The Meaning of a Promise

Spencer Renfroe—Miraculous Life After Death

Charlie Monfort—Filling the Hole in Your Soul