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The DeafBlind Potter Show” invites you to witness a captivating blend of creativity and resilience, airing every Monday at 4pm PT. Host Kelvin expertly crafts pottery pieces on the wheel while engaging in profound conversations with guests who have triumphed over life’s challenges. Through personal stories of overcoming adversity and tales of organizations making a difference, the show inspires audiences to confront their own obstacles with courage and determination, emphasizing the journey of living beyond the challenges. Join us on a transformative journey of empowerment as we celebrate resilience and the power of human connection

DeafBlind Potter Show is live at 5pm MT every Monday 

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NamCharlie Monford e Goes Here

NamCharlie Monford e Goes Here


Title: “From Rancher to Rockies: Unveiling the Unseen Journey of Charlie Monferd”

Description: Tune in to the DeafBlind Potter Show as we delve into the captivating life story of Charlie Monferd, a former rancher turned co-founder and owner of the Colorado Rockies. Join us as we uncover the untold tale behind his meteoric rise in the sports industry, exploring the unexpected twists and turns that led him to his current position. Discover the one elusive element that consumed his life, steering his path in unforeseen directions. Don’t miss this exclusive interview to unravel the mystery behind Charlie Monferd’s extraordinary journey.